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  • Brand assets

    The OmiseGO logo is a fundamental part of the OmiseGO brand. We use it extensively in all our communications. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the logo is used consistently and correctly.

  • Brandmark

    The OmiseGO brand mark is used in marketing communications to promote OmiseGO products. It is available in different configurations and colors. Choose one that best fits your needs.

  • Master logo

    The full-color logo is our master logo and is the preferred version to use. It ideally appears on a white background for maximum clarity and impact.


    The logomark may be used independently where space is limited such as an app icon or favicon.

  • Clear space

    Maintain enough clear space around the logo. Don’t place any graphics or typography in this area. The clear space area for the master logo is equal to 50% of the size of the letter ‘o’ from ‘omise’ whereas for the clear space for the logomark is 25% of the logo.

  • Minimum size

    To ensure legibility of the logo, follow the minimum size specifications for both print and digital applications.

  • Print applications
    Digital applications
  • Colors

    The logo is available in full-color, and solid black and white versions. Depending on your applications, choose the version that provide the best clarity.

  • Full-color
  • Co-brand

    Follow this treatment when in partnership with another brand. The OmiseGO logo appears preferably in the first position followed by the partnered brand. The sizing of both brands should suggest an equal relationship.

  • Misuse

    To maintain consistency and integrity, use the approved artwork and don’t alter it in any way. The examples shown here are some common mistakes and inappopriate uses of the logo.

  • Don’t distort the logo
    Don’t add shadow
    Don’t alter the spacing
    Don’t change the color
    Don’t outline the logo
    Don’t change the typeface
    Don’t tilt the logo
    Don’t use gradient
    Don’t alter the logo
    Don’t add background
    Don’t use as part of a sentence
    Don’t flip the logo
Media queries