OmiseGO Town Hall 0x2: Plasma Edition

by OmiseGO
Published on March 19, 2018

On April 4th at 3:00 AM UTC, we will be hosting the second OmiseGO virtual town hall to discuss Plasma.

Check your local time here,-540,5yid

The town hall will take place on YouTube Live at this link:

With all the buzz around Plasma recently we thought we’d take the chance to chat live with the team working on Plasma.

Speaking will be:

  • Robin Clart, CTO
  • Jeremy Lam, Product Lead
  • David Knott, Research Scientist

In addition to general updates, we will also be taking questions in a Reddit thread like last time.

Please ask your question in this Reddit thread:

We kindly ask you to post every question as a single comment (one question = one comment) and upvote others you’d like to see answered.

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