Blockchain Team Update 33

by Kasima Tharnpipitchai
Published on December 06, 2019

We’re approaching the end of our audits, and with no major issues found, we’re working on addressing some of the notable recommendations. The biggest being to remove some of the extensibility code for a future exchange settlement transaction. This code was left in to ease the transition of deploying a transaction type to support exchange settlement. 

Because the requirements for this transaction type were defined earlier this year, they may no longer be applicable. That’s why we’ve decided to remove much of this currently-unused code, which primarily has to do with MVP exit support with confirmations.

It is still possible for us to bring this functionality back without a ‘Hard Network Upgrade.’ But this will add more operational complexity because we will need to deploy a transitional transaction type to do so. This decision to refactor out this code has extended our audit time by a few weeks. 

We look forward to finishing up the audit in the very near future.

Kasima Tharnpipitchai
Chief Technology Officer